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Individual Therapy

Therapy is unique to each individual. You bring your unique experiences and perspectives to the room. We will work together using interventions specific for you. Wether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or life transitions I can help. You can start to feel better.

Trauma Therapy

I have specialized training in trauma therapy. Trauma is a small word but covers so much. Trauma can look like a big event or situation that has impacted you significantly and immediatley. It can also look like a million little cuts that add up to impacting you now, this can be a difficult childhood, a childhood where you didn't get what you needed, or past relationships that changed how you move through the world. It can also be a traumatic birth or significant change in your life. With evidenced based trauma training I can support you in feeling safe in your body, within your relationships, and the world at large. 

Meet Allison

I am passionate about providing support to individuals who want to overcome challenges and strive for the sense of peace that everyone deserves.

My Approach:

I believe in the transformative potential of therapy. My approach is centered on creating a safe, nonjudgmental space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences openly and authentically. As we work together I won't hesitate to refresh my approach as needed to meet you where you’re at and give the type of care needed. I am committed to helping you reach a point where you feel safe, connected, and re-engaged in the life you deserve.

About me:

I received a masters degree from Michigan State University and spent 15 years providing therapy to individuals and families in school, hospital, and clinical settings before starting my own practice. I am committed to continuing education and staying up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in therapy.

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My Approach
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